About Us


Vibe Home Automation is an end-to-end solutions provider for home automation services. With the advent of ingenious technologies and an aim to providing smart homes, at the luxury of your comfort and convenience, Vibe Home Automation offers a whole range of home automation solutions with a sophisticated touch in convergence with the Internet of Things that allows the seamless connectivity of automation devices via internet involving zero hassle. Vibe Home Automation solutions are aesthetically and technologically advanced systems that let you control your devices at the touch of a button.

With smart automation products and services being the emerging trend, Vibe Home Automation services, designed and manufactured in India to conserve both energy and human effort come along with a plethora of benefits and features such as the retrofitting technology, which works easily with existing wiring setup. With customizable services and user-friendly experience, Vibe Home Automation offers perfect automation choices with state-of-the-art interactive and super responsive mobile applications that focus on high performance, seamless connectivity and fit well even on a shoestring budget.